Simex's Support in the Form of Social Concern for the Community Around 2019

Clean water is necessity that is needed in daily life.Therefore, PT Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia also contributes to the surrounding residents, especially Kebon Manggu’s residents in the form of social awareness and handing 1000 liter Torent.

In addition, PT Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia saw the needs of resident for building roads to Kp Cikaret RT 01 and RT 02, so PT Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia handed over cement. After cement, PT SImex Pharmaceutical Indonesia also provides sliding conveyors for several villages, such as Kp. Pasir Malang, Kp. Muara, Kp. Cikaret, Kp. Pasir Badak in Kebon Manggu Village. Not only Kebon Manggu Village, but PT Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia also handed over trash bins to sub-district office. Each unit consists trash bin for organic, inorganic, and B3 waste.

Simex's Social Activities in 2018

The living environmental which free from waste is important for public society. Accumulation of waste often becomes a source of disease. Seeing this, PT Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia carries out social concern in July 2018 by giving out 5 garbage carts and 30 trash bins to Kebon Manggu Village, Sukabumi.
Moreover, PT Simex Pharmaceutical Indonesia is also building a clean water facility because Kebonmanggu Village, Sukabumi needs clean water for daily life. PT Simex Pharmaceutical hope that the provision of garbage carts and construction of clean water will give benefit for the residents of Kebon Manggu Village, Sukabumi.